DPI-7 3D Scanner

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DPI-7 Android tablet based 3D scanner with Phi.3D software. Hand held 3D data capture on a tablet. DotProduct develops high performance, easy to use solutions for capturing 3D data. Our technology is designed for mobile professionals who need high quality spatial data instantly. Phi.3D software turns an Android (TM) tablet into a 3D-capture and processing solution that delivers results before you leave the job site. Phi.3D – 3D Imaging software for Mobile Professionals -Phi.3D captures + registers 3D spatial data using only the processing power of a tablet – no desktop or laptop required! -Simply, augment or even replace laser scanning and photogrammetry based work processes you use today with a DotProduct powered tablet. Truly Mobile Forget lugging around a laptop and cumbersome cables. -Capture and process 3D spatial data directly on the tablet! -Hold the scanner in your hand and capture in 3D as you walk through the area of interest. -Get into hard-to-reach, occluded areas, inaccessible with other technologies. Real Time -Leave the job site knowing you’ve collected the right data you need for your project. -DotProduct’s Phi.3D technology provides users with real-time data quality feedback’s the data is being acquired. Even novice users can capture data like seasoned professionals. Georeference in the Field Phi.3D lets you use traditional survey targets to allow data to be saved in the correct georeferenced transformation. Append to Scan Use the Append to scan function to add new data to previously captured 3D spatial data. New data can be captured and appended on-the-fly without the need for additional targets or control. Load an existing point cloud, aim the scanner at a view from that scan and Phi.3D will automatically append the new data to the existing scan. Export to Industry Formats Use Phi.3D captured data with the desktop point cloud software you work with today. Export in PTS, PTX or use the DP format See DotProduct3D.com for more details


  • Handheld 3D Data Capture on a Tablet
  • Real Time. Mobile. 3D
  • Register Point Clouds on the fly
  • Append to Scan
  • Georeference in the Field