eQUALITY TECH Rexcan DS3 SILVER Blue LED Structured Light 3D Scanner

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The Rexcan DS3 structured-light 3D scanner delivers proven speed, flexibility, accuracy and simplicity for scanning small objects for applications such as jewelry, minutely detailed industrial parts and dental CAD/CAM.

Twin-camera technology within the Rexcan DS3 delivers highly superior precision and greater line-of-sight when compared to single-camera scanners. Fast scanning enables users to capture a single object in three to four minutes without loss of accuracy. An open-systems approach helps ensure compatibility with all major design software.

The Rexcan DS3 represents an exceptional value with the most-advanced technology at a price points below its nearest competitors. It is offered with the full support of eQuality Tech, whose founders have more than 15 years of experience in implementing 3D scanning solutions for small, complex objects in medical and industrial environments.


  • Twin-camera scanning for greater precision.
  • Deep scanning area to ensure line of sight for complex objects such as gears.
  • Fast 3D scanning speeds — only 3 to 4 minutes for a single object.
  • Open system that outputs an STL file compatible with all popular CAD software.
  • Rotary Stage 2-axis movement (swing & rotation)

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