3D Printed Building

3D Printed Building

If you’re here, reading this, you’ve no doubt discovered by now some of the wonders 3D printers can create – jewelry, art work, models and bits and pieces for around the home. But, what about 3d printing on a much larger scale? What if we could take the concept of 3d printing – creating items layer by layer – and make everything bigger?

The construction industry is already doing just that! By using 3d printing technology, builders are able to construct anything from houses to apartment buildings in a process that requires significantly less manpower and time than traditional building practices which, in turn, reduces the costs of building significantly. Could this be the future of the building and construction industry?

3D Printed House

3d house

What if you could have your very own 3d printed house? A house that would be quicker and cheaper to build than a house built using traditional construction methods? Sounds pretty appealing, right?

What if we told you your new house could be built in 24 hours for just $5,500?! Check out this article from Business Insider to find out more about 3d printed houses.

In 2018 a family in France became the first-ever family to move into and live in a 3D printed house. You can read more about their remarkable experience here.

Just think of the impact this new technology could have in addressing the need for affordable housing all over the globe!

3D Printed Apartment Building

3d printing building construction

Way back in 2015, the world’s first 3d printed apartment building was created in China. You can read more about it here. Meanwhile, the largest 3D printed office building has since been printed in Dubai – created by just 3 workers and a 3D printer! Dubai has plans to have one-quarter of all of its buildings built by 3d printing technology by 2030 – that’s only 10 years away!

3D Printed Houses For Sale

3d printed homesSo, you think a 3d printed house might be just what you’re looking for? While the technology is just starting to take stride, you might still be too early to buy your own 3d printed house. That being said, if you’re looking to live in Mexico then get in contact with www.iconbuild.com who have built the world’s first 3d printed community.

If you’re looking to buy or build a unique looking 3d printed house it would be worth making contact with the people at Sunconomy/ We Print Houses This 3d printed house company states that their mission is to build affordable, sustainable, smart, healthy homes.

3D Printer That Prints Houses

As much as you no doubt love your 3D printer, it’s not likely to be able to print a house for you!
Luckily the best construction 3D printers – 3D printers that print houses – are all collated and evaluated for you here in this article about the best construction 3D printers.

It’s such an exciting time we are living in with advancements in technology occurring constantly, it makes you wonder what sort of constructions we could all be living in in another 50 years. Whatever happens, we’re pretty certain that 3D printed building practices will continue to be used and developed. 3D printing is here to stay!