3D Printed Christmas Decorations

3D Printed Christmas Decorations

Christmas is coming. It’s getting slightly stressful, busy and exciting, and everyone is starting to make their plans, from Christmas presents to roast dinners, Christmas crackers, and decorations.

If you’re looking to mix it up a little with your Christmas decorating this year and don’t mind a bit of DIY, consider using your 3D printer to print some Christmas decorations. There are many ways you can create decorations using a 3D printer, so let’s take a look at some of my personal favorite 3D printable Christmas decorations and ornaments.

Christmas Bauble – with a secret compartment inside

3d Printed Christmas Bauble

This beautiful jewel with a hollow inside has a screw top, which makes it also a container, so you can fill it with gifts and trinkets for that extra surprise! It can be filled with candy, chocolates, or jewelry. A secret surprise to make your Christmas extra fun. The beauty of this decoration is that it also can act as a gift for someone special to you. Available to download here.


3D Printed Christmas Reindeer

Christmas’ most favorite animal, the reindeer. Whether you want this to be your Rudolph or your classic reindeer, this is the perfect addition to your decorations. Once you print it, you can decorate it however you’d like; they suggest spray painting it with glitter paint, which does give it that festive finish. Download here.

Minimalist Christmas Tree

3D Printed Christmas Tree

Sometimes less is more, and in this case, it is right. This Christmas tree is so simple, but so beautiful, if you don’t have a Christmas tree in your home, this will give you the perfect substitute. Stylish and elegant without worrying about setting a real tree up, and decorating it.

Some people have put a light at the bottom to light it up, which adds a perfect finish to the whole look. Ultimately you can have a real tree, and also this tree, I mean you can never have enough Christmas trees right? Get it here.

Santa’s sleigh

3D Printed Christmas Sleigh

When I saw this sleigh, I immediately fell in love. I already imagined putting a Santa inside, matching it with my Christmas reindeer, and placing it on top of my fireplace. You could even have some fake snow to give it some real Christmas cheer. I can almost hear Santa’s sleigh bells just from looking at this! Make Santa happy and download it here!

Christmas Reindeer Headband

3D Printed Reindeer Ears

You know decorations don’t just have to be for your home. They can be for you too! This is perfect for a kid or an adult. Christmas party? Last day in the office before the holidays? Or maybe you’ll wear it on Christmas day? Be a reindeer this year and download it here.

The snowflake

3D Printed Christmas Tree Decorations

I mean it can’t be Christmas without a snowflake decoration. The classic, the simple, but beautiful snowflake. Put it on your Christmas tree, add it as a lovely addition to wrapped presents or Christmas cards, or add it to every doorknob in the house. This will be such a beautiful, delicate decoration – can’t wait to print one! Get it here!

The First Star

3D Printed Christmas Tree Star

The star on top of the tree! Don’t know what to put on top of your tree this year? Try something different by printing your very own star! I love yellow, which makes it stand out vividly but alternatively, you can choose any color you like, what color will you choose? Get it here.

The Nutcracker

3D Printed Nutcracker

Isn’t this just amazing? And also adorable. This decoration inspired by the film ‘The Nutcracker Prince’ is one of my absolute favorites. The nutcracker is 35cm in height, and the mouth can also open up to 20 degrees, pretty cool right? Here is where you can download it.

The City Of Christmas

3D Printed Christmas Decoration

Last but certainly not least is this extravagant city of Christmas. I am in awe of this. It has the detail of the train, the different levels, the houses, and even the tree with the star on the top. I think it makes the perfect ornament to your home this Christmas. If you want to make it even more special, you can illuminate it with lights, and they make every incredible detail be defined even more. Get it here.

These are some of our personal favorites, but there are so many incredible decorations online. If you have a 3D printer you have to try printing some of your very own 3D printed Christmas decorations this year – so much festive fun!