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We do sometimes accept guest posts here at 3dprintermegastore.com but we always make sure that any article we post would be of interest to our readers.

Some topics for guests posts we would consider would be:

  • Anything relating to 3d printing.
  • 3d print designs and plans.
  • Maintenance and care of 3d printers.
  • Exciting uses of 3d printing within the community or workplace.

Before sending your guest post, please read below about our guest post guidelines and benefits.

Guest post guidelines:


  • Guest Post must be original.
  • The post must not have been published elsewhere or have the intention of being posted elsewhere.
  • Guest posts should be at least 700 words, but preferably closer to 1,000 words.
  • Guest posts must be of high quality, with good English and easy readability.
  • You can add relevant images to make your post more attractive but you must have the rights to use them.
  • You can include up to two links in the byline, which will be displayed at bottom of the post (Author Bio) and you can use anchor text for your byline link.
  • You can’t use any affiliate link for your byline link.
  • We reserve the right to edit any guest posts.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any written articles that do not meet our requirements or do not cover topics we feel our readers would be interested in.

Benefits of Guest Posting:


  • Get Backlinks to your Blog or Website
  • Get Traffic to your Blog or Website

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